The four seasons, song / Antaine Ó Faracháin, singing in English

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Well I went out walking one morning in spring
The dew it lay on the grass and the birds did sweetly sing
The morning it being so pure and fresh and the river ran clear
And at every bright flower I thought on my dear.

It was in the green forest that I wandered all round
Where many wild birds and wild berries are found
Ah but for every wild berry that I plucked to eat
I shed a tear all for my dear that fell to my feet.

It was in the hot summer when I first met my love
I thought her much fairer than the swan or the dove
Neither lark nor wild linnet could more sweetly sing
And she caused my troubled heart with music to ring.

Her hair it resembled the willows fine strands
Her skin was like the lily white as it rests on the pond
Her eyes they did sparkle like the trout in the stream
As he turns in clear water and like a crystal he gleams.

Well we kissed and we courted all the hot summer long
Ah but it wasn’t long after ‘til the autumn came on
The swallows they parted and bees fell to die
And the winds and the grey clouds came to keen and to cry.

Well the trees they swayed all around the leaves blew in the wind
Ah but the parting of true lovers is never so kind
For as the leaf withered and fell from the tree
So it was with that flower that parted from me.

Was on a cold winters morning when to the church I did go
To pray for that false love that left me alone
She was dressed in fine white laces with a gold ring on her hand
And close by her side stood a handsome young man.

Oh father forgive me these thoughts in my head
For never before have I wished a man dead
The four seasons they go by but this pain lingers on
It’s cold in my heart still all for the love of one.

The four seasons, song / Antaine Ó Faracháin, singing in English
ITMA Reference Number:650-NC-V8
Main Performer: Antaine Ó Faracháin
Title:The four seasons [videorecording] / Antaine Ó Faracháin, singing in English
Subject:Ireland: Singing in English
Corporate Author:Inishowen Traditional Singers' Circle
Recording Location:McFeeley's bar, Clonmany, Co Donegal
Recording Date:December 1999
Collection:Jimmy McBride Collection
Physical Description:1 computer file (MPEG-4, 6 min. 43 sec.) :digital, stereo
Copyright:Performer and Inishowen Traditional Singers' Circle

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