Articles two and three, song / Sean Mone, singing in English

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I’ve been listening lately to news and I’m getting more and more confused
My problems now I’ll share with yous in search of a solution
For I’ve heard politicians claim for every problem you can name
You can squarely lay the blame upon the constitution.

I’ve traveled round Belfast city asking questions as you’ll see
To see who could explain to me about these articles two and three

I met a stripper queen Gypsy Rose in the harp bar taking off her clothes
Form red-faced men I the front rows she was getting hassle
They were going into fits shouting cover up your bouncy bits
For if you dare to show your titties we’ll hang you by your tassels.

For Belfast men may boozy be but from sin we keep them free
And we don’t need floozies such as thee showing articles two and three

Then Sammy Wilson for a lark he took his clothes off in the park
He frolicked there from dawn to dark all with his own true lover
He was skipping through the daisy bed he was tumblin’ heels over head
Sunburnt cheeks all rosy red he was rolling in the clover.

Ah like a little cherub he sporting on cloud ninety-three
And there for all the world to see were articles two and three

Big Ian said he was appalled seems Sammy ain’t wee at all
I always said that he had guts shows I was not mistaken
Now when he was Belfast Lord Mayor he took my daughter everywhere
Just what sights did he show her have liberties been taken.

Now if this boy’s been making free he will answer unto me
And separated soon will be from articles two and three.

Then the royal princess up and spoke she said her husband made her baulk
To kiss his lips I’d rather choke I’m in need of something tasty
So suck my toes the duchess said sure what you need’s a month in bed
With a wee fat man with a baldy head sure we’ll send for Bishop Casey.

And happy soon the Queen will be with a grandchild on her knee
And no more will she call you and me them articles two and three.

There’s some men who dress in women’s clothes and they found this shop on the Lisburn Road
Where they could purchase skirts and bows and frilly combinations
But outside the door they found a crowd with placards that proclaimed aloud
That Babylon had cast this cloud of vile abomination.

Oh we don’t need men in jewelry with dresses cut above the knee
And underneath that finery you’ll find articles two and three.

Well I’ve often heard you’ll get more sense from the mouths of babes and innocents
Than from all them shower in parliament for they’re only a bundle of chancers
So I grabbed a baby from his pram he squealed as I raised him in me arms
I told him not to be alarmed I just had to have his answer.

Ah put me down you fool says he it’s the self same problems bothering me
Sure my nappy’s as full as it can be with articles two and three

Ah mammy would you set us free from articles two and three.

Articles two and three, song / Sean Mone, singing in English
ITMA Reference Number:685-NC-V8
Main Performer: Sean Mone
Title:Articles two and three [videorecording] / Sean Mone, singing in English ; Sean Mone, composer
Creator:Sean Mone, composer
Subject:Ireland: Singing in English
Corporate Author:Inishowen Traditional Singers' Circle
Recording Location:Ballyliffin Hotel, Ballyliffin, Co Donegal
Recording Date:27 March 1999
Collection:Jimmy McBride Collection
Physical Description:1 computer file (MPEG-4, 5 min. 44 sec.) :digital, stereo
Copyright:Performer; Inishowen Traditional Singers' Circle; Sean Mone, composer

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