The patriot priest of Gweedore, song

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Sound the loud trumpet o’er Erin’s green sea
Our patriot priest from Gweedore is now free
Free from his enemy’s clutches once more
Is brave Father McFadden the loved priest of Gweedore.

Then hurrah for the heroes of old Donegal
And hurrah for the men that will come to the call
To raise the green banner of freedom once more
And bring peace and prosperity to Erin’s green shore.

To Maryboro town they took our beloved priest
No mercy they had in their hearts none the least
They thought they would place him once more in a jail
Because he was loyal to old Grainne Mhaol.

He loved the hills and the valleys so fair
And the tricks of his enemies he tried to lay bare
He was loyal to the children of the old church of Rome
And for that he was tried far away from his home.

When the news got around Father McFadden was free
There was rejoicing in Ireland from Belfast to the Lee
He was loved as a priest was e’er loved before
Through old Ireland as well as at home in Gweedore.

On high hill and dale and in each mountain vale
Bright fires burned to welcome a true son of God
God save him was the call that arose from them all
And his brave heroic people in old Donegal.

Three cheers for the clergy and long may they reign
And when downtrodded Erin gets her freedom again
‘Tis them they’ll remember as heroes of old
God bless you forever loved priest of Gweedore.

The patriot priest of Gweedore, song
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Title:The patriot priest of Gweedore [sound recording]
Section:Sound Recordings
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Subject:Ireland: Singing in English
Corporate Author:Inishowen Traditional Singers' Circle
Collection:Jimmy McBride Collection
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