McCaffery, song / Packie Doherty (Anton), singing in English

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When I was scarcely eighteen years of age 
Unto the army I did engage
I left my home with a good intent 
For to join that Forty Second Regiment
To Preston Barracks I had to go 
To serve my time at that old depot
But out of trouble I never was free 
Since our captain took a great dislike to me.

As I was stationed on guard one day 
Some soldiers' children came there to play
From officers’ quarters our captain came 
He ordered me for to take their names
I took one name that name was Hill
I did that all sure against my will
I took that name  let the rest go free 
And for neglect of duty sure then he charged me.

To the orderly room I had to appear
My evidence there they would not hear
My sentence passed and 'twas quickly signed 
Ten days to barracks I was then confined
When I got back to my duty again
That heavy feeling across my brain
A loaded pistol I did prepare 
For to shoot our captain on the barrack square.

I done the deed and I spilled his blood
At Liverpool assizes my trial I stood
The judge says he  now McCaffery
Prepare yourself for the gallows tree
I have no father to take my part
Nor a mother to break her heart
I have one friend and a girl is she
Who lay down her life for McCaffery.

Now all you good officers wherever you be 
Come treat your men with some decency
For if you don’t you shall surely see
Another murderer like McCaffery.

McCaffery, song / Packie Doherty (Anton), singing in English
ITMA Reference Number:392-ITMA-MP3
Main Performer: Packie Doherty (Anton)
Title:McCaffery [sound recording] / Packie Doherty (Anton), singing in English
Section:Sound Recordings
Recording Location:Cis Farren's Bar, Urris, Co Donegal
Recording Date:January 1986
Copyright:Performer and Inishowen Traditional Singers' Circle
Physical Description:1 computer file (MP3 file, ca. 4 min.) : digital, stereo
Subject:Ireland: Singing in English
Corporate Author:Inishowen Traditional Singers' Circle
Collection:Jimmy McBride Collection. Audio Cassette 13
Roud Number:1148
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