Roseanne McGonigle

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Roseanne was born in Buncrana into a singing family. Her mother Ellen Gillespie, her sisters Mary McDaid and Bridget Quirke and her brother Kevin are all fine singers and can be heard elsewhere in the Song Project. She married into the McGonigle (James Eoghain) family from Cloontagh, Clonmany and her husband Charlie sadly passed away in August 2012. Roseanne has a beautifully quiet voice and has the presence to silence any gathering. Roseanne's sons and daughter all inherited their parents love for singing and form the backbone for the next generation of Inishowen singers. Roseanne and Charlie's son Kevin can be heard elsewhere in the Song Project


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Songs sung by Roseanne McGonigle

Roseanne McGonigle
Name:Roseanne McGonigle
Townland:The Parish, Buncrana
ITMA Reference Number:13301-PH
Image Creator:Ken Garland

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