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Playlists of the audio recordings of songs from the collections of Jimmy McBride & Cornelius McEleney

From the hundreds of audio recordings of songs collected by Jimmy McBride in the Inishowen area, he compiled three books (the first with Jim MacFarland), of which two – My Parents Reared Me Tenderly and The Flower of Dunaff Hill – were published in book form in 1985 and 1988 respectively. A third, Two Good Men and True, was compiled but not published until now (March 2013) on this site.

The audio playlists presented below contain the songs in the three collections and also the remainder of the hitherto unpublished songs.  They are organised first in the order of the three books, and then the remainder in alphabetical order by title. Each playlist has approximately 60 songs.

In September 2013, Cathy McEleney donated a collection of 34 songs recorded by her father, Cornelius McEleney.  Originally from the Isle of Doagh, he emigrated to the United States but has retained the songs of his youth and learned some more which he performs at sessions in Boston.  We are delighted to to add Cornelius' songs to the Project and welcome other recordings to add to this Inishowen collection.

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