Mick Fowler

Mick has been involved with traditional singing performance since he came to the The Góilín Singers’ Club in 1984. Mick has appeared as a guest at many singing festivals over the past 20 years including the Inishowen Circle Seminar, the Ennis Singers’ Club, the Nenagh Singers’ Circle, as well as being a guest at the Góilín in Dublin.

Song writing has also been a pastime of his, but purely for pleasure, until Wexford singer and collector Paddy Berry, requested him to produce a 1798 song as part of a Bi-Centennial Competition in 1998. The song ‘Michael Dwyer’s Lament’ did not win the competition, however it was included in Terry Moylan’s book The Age of Revolution in the Irish Song Tradition as well as being recorded by Dublin singer Jerry O’Reilly on his album Down from your Pulpits


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Songs sung by Mick Fowler

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