Luke Cheevers

Luke was born in the parish of Ringsend in Dublin in 1940. He is one of nine children, five of which are still alive. Luke cannot remember a time when he was not interested in singing, from the time he was a boy, when listening to his Aunts and Uncles singing away at hoolies at home in Ringsend, right up to the present day. His mother sang the old Irish balllads, Galway Bay, Teddy O'Neill etc, and his Da, cowboy and music hall songs. Over the years he has travelled all over the country listening to some of the great traditional singers of the day. Sarah Ann O'Neill, Geordie Hanna, the great Tom Lennihan, Liam Weldon, Frank Harte etc. Luke has been one of the stalwarts of Góilín from the very early days and is one of the true characters of the traditional music and singing scene.


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Songs sung by Luke Cheevers

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