Recent Publications & Acquisitions, May 2020

Listings of the latest publications and items of interest received in the ITMA collection in the last two months.

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Section of a poster from a Willie Clancy Memorial Fund Concert, donated by Mary Kelly

Commercial Sound Recordings

Blackbird & Crow (singing in English, singing in Irish). Ailm. Blackbird & Crow MIG01652CD, 2019. 1 CD

Blake, Aoife (harp, singing in English, singing in Irish, fiddle). The green hills. Aoife Blake  2020. 1 CD

Cooldesac (instrumental group). In other words. Cooldesac. GUI330/CD, 2020. 1 CD

Copley, Derek (singing in English, banjo). A blast of a few ballads on the banjo. Derek Copley. 2020. Digital download

Devine, Francy (singing in English). An ownerless corner of earth. Francy Devine  POD002, 2020. 2 CDs

Ériu (singing in Irish, instrumental group). Maidin Fhómhair. Ériu, 2020. Digital download.

Fibish, Marla (mandolin, mandola, singing in English). The bright hollow fog. Noctamble Music 2020. 1 CD

Fódhla (instrumental group). Notes from Mill Pond. Fódhla. 2015. 1 CD

Hernon & Sons, P.J. (instrumental group). PJ Hernon & Sons. Séamus Hernon 2020. 1 CD

Keane, Caroline (concertina). Shine. Caroline Keane 2020. 1 CD

Kern (instrumental group, singing in English). The left and the leaving. Kern.  AGACD02-19, 2019. 1 CD

Magickal folk of the faraway tree, The (singing in English, singing in Irish). The soup and the shilling. The Magickal folk of the faraway tree.  DV38, 2010. 2 CDs + digital download

McCarthy, Benny (accordion, melodeon). Press and draw. Benny McCarthy. BMAC001, 2020. 1 CD

Meehan, Kevin (tin whistle). Spanish Point. Kevin Meehan, 2020. 1 CD + digital download.

Pomplas, Jayne (fiddle). John Byrne’s disco. Jayne Pomplas, 2020. Digital download.

Sands, Tommy (singing in English, singing in Irish, guitar, banjo, shruti, dotara, low whistle). Fair play to you all. Spring Records CD1066, 2019. 1 CD.

Skipper’s Alley (instrumental group, singing in English). The oul fip. Skipper’s Alley. SAX112, 2019. 1 CD + digital download

Varo (singing in English, instrumental music). Varo. Varo. 2020. 1 CD

Vox Hunters, The (singing in English, instrumental music). Fresh from the board : music from the ocean state songster vol.1. The Vox Hunters. 2020. Digital download

Printed Materials

Casley, Brian. “The role of the mandolin in traditional Irish music.” MA thesis, Dundalk Institute of Technology, 2015.   

Dunphy, Eugene. “‘Topnobbers' - James Joyce and Louis Werner.” History Ireland 28, no. 3 (2020): 32–35.

Francisco Fernández, José. “‘Folklore seeks out the things that are not permitted in official discourse’: an Interview with Lillis Ó Laoire.” Estudios Irlandeses: electronic journal of the Spanish Association for Irish Studies, no. 15 (2020): 163–174. Online article.

Harte, Colin. The bodhrán: experimentation, innovation, and the traditional Irish frame drum. Knoxville, TN: University of Tennessee Press, 2020. (hbk).

Hastings, Gary. Review of The Egan Irish harps: tradition, patrons and players, by Nancy Hurrell (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2019). Folk life 58, no. 1 (2020): 67. Online article

Leslie, Rowan. Contemporary fiddle tunes from the Northeast of Ireland. [United States of America]: Mel Bay Publications, 2020. Online book.

Maloney, Paul. “‘ Flying down the Saltmarket': the Irish on the Glasgow music hall stage” In The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall and cosmopolitan entertainment culture, 81–117. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016. ISBN 9781137479099 (hbk).

Mollenhauer, Jeanette. “The case of the two Irish jigs.” History Australia (2020). Online article.

Pyle, Conor. “The Dublin Orchestral Players celebrates 80th anniversary.” Soundpost: Musicians Union of Ireland 18, no. 2 (2020): 12–13.

Ríos, José Emilio Colón. “The Cuban pipers: the spread of uilleann piping in Cuba.” MA thesis, University of Limerick, 2019.

Schulz, Andreas. “From Berlin to Ballyliffin: a journey in song.” Irish Traditional Music Archive.  Posted 28 April 2020. Blog post.

Smith, Gillian. “National Youth Orchestra of Ireland – A national treasure.” Soundpost: Musicians Union of Ireland 18, no. 2 (2020): 6–7.

Walsh, Margaret Mary. “Handing down the heritage: preserving Irish diasporic identities in the festival city of Montana.” MA thesis, University of Montana, 2020. Online thesis.

Wilham, Elise. “Tap for the times: a study of contemporary tap dance.” BA thesis, Western Kentucky University, 2020. Online thesis


Various (singing in Irish). Cúl an Kila & Cartoon Saloon. KRDVD004. 2018. 1 DVD 


Digital video recording of Consairtín 2020: virtual concert broadcast online 18 April 2020. Donated by Consairtín: the National Concertina Convention.

Sixteen photos featuring musicians such as Ben Lennon, Jim Connolly and John Carty. Loaned for digitisation by Dympna Sullivan.

Eighteen photos featuring musicians such as Ben Lennon, Charlie Lennon, Jim Connolly and Brian Rooney. Loaned for digitisation by Jim Connolly and Eugene Meehan.

Three MP4 video recordings from the Patrick O'Keeffe Traditional Music Festival 2019. Recorded by Elaine Prendiville. Donated to ITMA by Paudie O'Connor.

With thanks

ITMA would also like to acknowledge donations of materials (CDs, printed items, visual items, etc.), and other help and information from the following people and organisations: Randal Bays, James Galvin, Paul Keating, Liam O’Connor, Fintan Vallely.