Commercial Sound Recordings, November 2016

Recently published CDs, digital downloads & LPs of Irish traditional music, November 2016

Cd Nov 2016

Balatti, Michel, flute, tin whistle, & various, instrumental music, The northern breeze, Felmay FY8240, 2016. CD

Bannon, Louie, fiddle, & various, instrumental music, Trippin' over time, Bannon n.n., n.d.. CD

Barbour, Freeland, & various, vocal & instrumental music, The music and the land: the concert, Greentrax CDTRAX392, 2016. CD

Behan, Dominic, singing, Songs of the IRA, Behan PMICD4012, [2016]. CD reissue of LP + 6 bonus tracks

Blazin' Fiddles, instrumental group, North, Blazin' Fiddles BFCD2015, 2015. CD

Burke, Kevin, fiddle, Christian Lemaitre, fiddle, Charlie McKerron, fiddle, & Nicolas Quémener, guitar, The Celtic Fiddle Festival: storm in a teacup, Loftus Music LM008, 2016. CD & digital download

Coffey, Aidan, accordion, Frankie Gavin, fiddle, Alec Finn, bouzouki, & Colm Murphy, bodhrán, The corner house set, Riverboat Records TUGCD1094, 2016. CD

Connolly, Aidan, fiddle, & various, instrumental music, Be off, Raelach Records RR009, 2016. CD

Coyne, Pat, singing in English, guitar, & various, instrumental music, Men of the west, Coyne n.n., 2015. CD

Doolin, instrumental & vocal group, Doolin, Compass 746702, 2016. CD

Ensemble Ériu, instrumental group, Imbas, Raelach Records ESM002 / RR007, 2016. CD

Farrell, Daoirí, singing in English, bouzouki, & various, instrumental & vocal music, True born Irishman, Daoirí Recordings DAOIRICD001, 2016. CD

Fiddle Case, The, vocal & instrumental group, Liscannor Bay, The fiddle case n.n., 2016. Digital download

Fiddle Case, The, vocal & instrumental group, Audio incense, The fiddle case n.n., n.d.. CD

Grennan, Gerry, singing in English, guitar, harmonica, & Brendan Emmett, mandolin, guitar, 5 string banjo, singing in English, & various, instrumental & vocal music, The boys of Sligo, Grennan n.n., n.d.. CD

Harte, Frank, singing in English, singing in Irish, & Donal Lunny, bouzouki, guitar, When Adam was in paradise: traditional songs of love and courtship, Harte n.n., 2016. CD

Keggin, Ruth, Mary Ann Kennedy, & Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin, & various, vocal & instrumental music, Aon teanga: Un Chengey: One voice, Watercolour Music WCMCD059, 2016. CD & digital download

MacMathúna, Lorcán, singing in Irish, & various, instrumental music, Visionaries 1916: songs and music from the pens of Connolly, Pearse, Ceannt & Plunkett, MacMathúna LMM1916, 2016. CD & digital download

Magill, Andrew Finn, fiddle, & various, instrumental music, Roots, Magill 0026144064, 2016. CD

Magill, Andrew Finn, fiddle, & various, instrumental music, Branches, Magill 0026144074, 2016. CD

Martin, Sister Theresa, singing in English, & various, vocal & instrumental music, Cothú agus iomlánú, Sisters of Mercy n.n., 2010. CD

McDonald, Alastair, singing in English, Beyond mere words, Corban CBNCD052, n.d.. CD

McGrory, Roisin, fiddle, & various, instrumental music, The brae road, Othain OTH001, [2016]. CD

Moran, Paul, singing in English, harmonica, dance, & Fergal Scahill, fiddle, bodhrán, guitar, tin whistle, Moran's fancy, Moran PMRCD002, [2016]. CD

Mulholland, Ciarán, fiddle, An Antrim fiddle, Mulholland n.n., 2016. CD

Na Mooneys, instrumental & vocal group, Na Mooneys, Na Mooneys MOON2, [2016]. CD & digital download

O'Laughlin, Mike, singing in English, singing in Irish, Irish old style: sean nós & traditional song, O'Laughlin n.n., 2015. CD & digital download

Ó Riada, Peadar, singing in Irish, & various, vocal & instrumental music, Onóir: saothar nua-chumtha in onóir aisling laochra 1916, Gael Linn CEFCD213, 2016. CD

Ní Cheannabháin, Saileog, singing in Irish, fiddle, piano, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Roithleán, Raelach Records RR008, 2016. CD

Ní Chonaola, Lasairfhíona, singing in Irish, & various, instrumental music, One penny portion, Ní Chonaola LNC003CD, 2016. CD

Pattullo, Gordon, accordion, & various, The accordion, Pattullo GPCD007, 2015. CD

Planxty, vocal & instrumental group, Between the jigs and the reels: a retrospective, Universal Music 5720582, 2016. CD & DVD

Rowan, Kaela, vocal & instrumental music, The fruited thorn, Shoogle SHOOGLE16016, 2016. CD

Sheehy, Michael, accordion. & various, instrumental music, The cat's rambles: music from the Sliabh Luachra tradition, Veteran VT160CD, 2016. CD

Stiffe, Don, singing in English, guitar, & Pat Coyne, singing in English, guitar, & various, instrumental music, 1916 Classic Irish ballads, Stiffe NO1, [2016]. CD

Trail West, vocal & instrumental group, Rescattermastered, Tyree Records TYREE08CD, [2016]. CD

Various, vocal & instrumental music, Ár seans! Scoileanna oirthear na Gaillimhe: Togha agus rogha an Chomórtais 'Do sheans ar CD 2009', Scoileanna 040179, 2009. CD

Various, vocal & instrumental music, The complete songs of Robert Tannahill: Volume 3, Brechin All Records CDBAR017, 2012. CD

Various, vocal & instrumental music, Splitting the stones, Monaghan Arts Network MAN0001, [2016]. CD

Various, vocal & instrumental group, Echoes of Erin: 2016 Comhaltas concert tour of Canada, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising, Comhaltas CL79, 2016. CD