Commercial Sound Recordings, March 2017

Recently published CDs, digital downloads & LPs of Irish traditional music, March 2017


Araki, Hanz, flute, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Wind and rain, Araki n.n., [2010]. 2 CDs

Beltaine, instrumental & vocal group, Tilly's jig, Beltaine n.n., 2016. CD & digital download

Brouder, Dan, accordion, Angelina Carberry, banjo, & various, instrumental music, A waltz for joy, Carberry & Brouder ACDB01, 2017. CD

Burke, Kevin, fiddle, singing in English, & John Brennan, guitar, mandolin, dobro, keyboard, bass, percussion, & various, instrumental & vocal music, The pound ridge sessions, Loftus Music LM007, 2016. CD

Butler, Mike, accordion, Aidan McMahon, fiddle, & Michael Landers, singing in English, guitar, Yield up the night time, Butler n.n., 2016. CD

Clanú, instrumental & vocal group, Ancient walls, Stubborn Ass Music SAM3201, 2011. Digital download

Clanú, instrumental & vocal group, Long way round, Clanú n.n., 2016. Digital download

Conneely, Pauline, banjo, guitar, & various, instrumental music, All because, Conneely n.n., 2016. CD & digital download

Copus, Sarah, singing in English, harp, Randy Copus, guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, & Pamela Copus, flute, harp, Celtic fairy lullaby 2002, Galactic Playground Music n.n., 2016. CD

dBize, instrumental & vocal group, Shang high, dBize n.n., 2015. Digital download

dBize, instrumental & vocal group, Storm party, Echowreckids EWCD001, 2016. Digital download

Dempsey, Damien, singing in English, guitar, keyboards, & various, instrumental music, No force on earth, Clear n.n., 2016. CD

Dukes, Josh, flute, guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, bodhrán, & various, instrumental music, The long trip home, Dukes n.n., 2008. Digital download

Dukes, Josh, flute, guitar, Dylan Foley, fiddle, & Matt Mulqueen, piano, The New York connection, Dukes n.n., 2016. Digital download

Furey, Finbar, singing in English, uilleann pipes, tin whistle, low whistle, banjo, guitar, & various, vocal & instrumental music, Paddy dear, Banshee Music BANMUSCD2017, 2017. CD

Gailfean, instrumental & vocal group, Won't you come out tonight, Gailfean 4LLR001, 2016. CD & digital download

Glens Trio, The, instrumental group, Traditional dance music from County Antrim, Glens Music n.n., 2016. CD

Gray, Johnny, fiddle, & various, instrumental music, The crooked finger, Gray n.n., [2010]. CD

Grogan, Hugh, accordion, melodeon, singing in English, & various, instrumental music, Around the rock, Grogan n.n., n.d.. CD

Hendry, Brendan, fiddle, Jonny Toman, banjo, & various, instrumental music, Living roots, Hendry n.n., 2016. CD & digital download

Howley, Tara, uilleann pipes, concertina, fiddle, singing in English, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Take 1, Howley 030502, [2017]. CD

John, Catherine, fiddle, jarana, singing in English, singing in Spanish, & various, vocal & instrumental music, iFandango bragh!, John CJCD0116, 2016. CD

Kennedy, Éilís, singing in English, singing in Irish, & various, instrumental music, Westward, Kennedy n.n., 2016. CD

Koehler, Rebecca, fiddle, Don Woodcock, fiddle, piano, & Gretchen Koehler, fiddle piano, The fiddlers three, Fiddlers n.n., 2010. CD

Koehler, Gretchen, fiddle, percussion, Daniel Kelly, piano, & various, instrumental music, The waxwing, Koehler n.n., 2015. CD & digital download

Lynch, Darren, guitar, bouzouki, singing in English, Derek Copley, banjo, mandolin, & Ais Conway Keogh, fiddle, The spinning wheel, Lynch n.n., [2017]. CD

Macalla Orchestra, The, instrumental & vocal group, The Macalla suite: a suite of music commemorating the Easter 1916 Rising,  Draíocht Music DOORLA005, 2016. CD

MacCarthy, Jimmy, singing in English, guitar, & various, instrumental & vocal music, The moment, Ride On RORCD004, [2016]. CD reissue

MacCarthy, Jimmy, singing in English, guitar, & various, instrumental & vocal music, The song of the singing horseman, Ride On RORCD006, 2016. CD reissue

Maguires, The, instrumental group, Little giants and other oxymorons, Maguire TMB1601, 2016. CD & digital download

McGrath, Maurice, singing in English, guitar, low whistle, Winsome ways, McGrath n.n., 2016. CD & digital download

McEvoy, Johnny, singing in English, guitar, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Into the cauldron, Trad Nua JMCCD3, 2017. CD

McSherry, John, uilleann pipes, tin whistle, low whistle, & various, instrumental music, The seven suns, Compass 746732, 2016. CD & digital download

Munnelly, Dave, accordion, Josephy McNulty, fiddle, & Shane McGowan, guitar, 3'oh, Munnelly n.n., 2017. Digital download

Nesbitt, Mairéad, fiddle, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Hibernia, Cosmic Trigger CT20161200, [2016]. CD

Nugent, Laurence, flute, tin whistle, lilting, & various, instrumental music, White island, Lough Erne Music n.n., 2016. CD & digital download

Ó Fátharta, Mícheál Darby, melodeon, & various, instrumental music, An rithim réidh, Ó Fátharta n.n., 2017. CD

Olwell, Matthew, flute, singing in English, bodhrán, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Cybertrad, Olwell n.n., 2016. CD & digital download

Perkins, Alison, fiddle, singing in English, & Nicholas Brown, uilleann pipes, All covered with moss, Perkins n.n., 2016. CD & digital download

Rowsome, Leo, uilleann pipes, The master pipers: volume 3, Na Píobairí Uilleann NPUCD021, 2017. CD

Rynne, Anne, singing in English, guitar, Anne Rynne, Big Sky BSCD010, 2016. CD

Seng, Hannah, singing in English, Original & traditional songs from Appalachia & The British Isles, Seng n.n., 2015. CD

Socks in the frying pan, instrumental & vocal group, Without a paddle, Socks in the frying pan n.n., [2017]. CD

Starr, Deirdre, singing in English, piano, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Between the half light, Sloan Starr State SSSOM003, 2016. CD

Walsh, Tom, singing in English, mandola, harmonica, banjo, guitar, & various, instrumental & vocal music, Fired up, Walsh n.n., 2016. CD

Warfield, Derek, & The Young Wolfe Tones, vocal & instrumental group, Call of Erin: Volume 1, Warfield Music CD005, 2016. CD & digital download