Update to Goodman Music Manuscript Index

Lisa Shields has recently provided ITMA with an update to the substantial online index of all the 2,300+ tunes in the four volumes of the Goodman music manuscript collection.

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James Goodman (1828–1896), a native of Dingle, Co. Kerry, was a canon of the Church of Ireland and Professor of Irish in Trinity College Dublin. However he is now chiefly known as the compiler of an outstanding manuscript collection of more than 2,300 tunes and and upwards of 80 songs or poems held in the Library of the college.

In 2016 in collaboration with the Library of Trinity College Dublin, ITMA digitised and made freely available online the six manuscript volumes. They contain over 2,300 melodies and upwards of 80 songs or poems compiled by James Goodman from oral, manuscript and printed sources at his disposal in mid-19th century southern Ireland.

Visit: Canon Goodman Digital Collection

An important discovery key to the collection is the online index to the 2,300+ tunes. Each tune title is individually annotated with information about its musical structure and with references, where appropriate, to related items in print, in current circulation, or in other Goodman manuscripts.


The index is freely available in various formats: PDF download, HTML and Excel spreadsheet



This notable digital project enhances the published scholarly editions Tunes of the Munster Pipers Volumes 1-2 edited by Hugh and Lisa Shields (ITMA, 1998 & 2013)



You can also freely access interactive scores of the tunes published in Tunes of the Munster Pipers Volumes 1-2


ITMA would like to acknowledge the invaluable input of Lisa Shields in compiling and maintaining these resources.