Saturday Opening, 16 October 2018

Our next Saturday opening is 16 October 2018. And it's looking to be a busy day at ITMA! Reading facilities will be available all day as usual, but requests for materials will need to be made a specific times to accommodate a packed schedule of events.

Img 014
The ITMA library and reading room.

As usual, ITMA is open for on the third Saturday in October to students, researchers, or anyone with an interest in our incredible collection of books, recordings, and other materials relating to Irish Traditional Music.

We're also celebrating National Harp Day on Saturday, 20 October 2018. From 1pm to 3pm the ITMA library will turn into a lecture and recital hall for Early Irish Harp Discovery Day 2018.

If you have a busy day of study planned for Saturday, never fear! We'll be opening our Special Collections room up to readers. You'll have all the regular access to our reading facilities.

What's different? 

You'll need to make your requests for materials before 12:30pm. Regular access to the ITMA Collection resumes at 3pm.