Saothar :: new compositions for the tradition

This month sees the start of a new intiative by ITMA, showcasing the work of composers within the tradition.

Saothar Cover

Each month will feature a different composer, and a selection of their recent compositions.  The tunes will be available as interactive scores and will be accompanied by PDF downloads of the notes and audio or video recordings.  There will also be information from the composer about their inspiration behind the work.

All scores and recordings featured in the series will also be available through the dedicated notated collection and audio playlist.

The series starts with Charlie Lennon and will continue next month with Zoe Conway, and over the course of the year we'll feature compositions from the likes of Yvonne Casey, Mick Mulcahy and Conal Ó Grada.

This series aims to highlight Irish traditional music as a contemporary artform and a living tradition.  It is also designed as a way for the composers to retain their connection to their compositions and receive due acknowledgement for their work.

If you are interested in having your compositions featured in the series please email [email protected]