Public Lecture on Scottish Online Traditional Music Initiative, 11 October 2012

TOBAR AN DUALCHAIS: KIST O RICHES Special lecture on an online initiative based on one of the world's most important archives of traditional culture

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As part of its ITMA 25 events, the Archive will be hosting a public lecture on an important online project which is drawing together traditional songs, instrumental music, tales, etc., from a network of Scottish archives, including the School of Scottish Studies in Edinburgh: TOBAR AN DUALCHAIS: KIST O RICHES. The speaker will be traditional Scots singer Chris Wright and admission is free.

8pm, 11 October 2012
Helen Roe Theatre, Royal Society of Antiquaries,
63 Merrion Square, Dublin 2

TOBAR AN DUALCHAIS: KIST O RICHES holds over 12,000 hours of traditional songs, instrumental music, tales, oral history and other lore in Scottish Gaelic, English and Scots, recorded in 20th-century Scotland.

Chris Wright has worked as the project's Scots Song Cataloguer for over four years and has a wealth of experience in researching and performing traditional songs and ballads. He was also recently appointed the project's Scots Artist in Residence, and is currently promoting this valuable resource through talks, workshops and performances in Scotland and abroad.