ITMA Appoints Project Archivist for the Cullinane Archive Collection

ITMA is delighted to announce the appointment of Stephanie Marbach to the role of Project Archivist for the Cullinane Archive Collection (CAC). Stephanie takes up the position in September 2022 and will work with ITMA for three months.

SSKM July 2022 crop
Stephanie Marbach, July 2022

Stephanie Marbach, CAC Project Archivist said:

'I feel very honoured and humble to have been given this big opportunity to work with ITMA on such an important collection for dance history. I am very much looking forward to these three months and can't wait to immerse myself in Dr Cullinane's collected items and see all these treasures first hand. This is utterly exciting!' - Stephanie Marbach, July 2022

Stephanie SK Marbach is an independent dance researcher and primary school teacher based in Switzerland and Ireland. Her dance background lies within several types of historical dances, dances of Ireland and the electronic / gothic dance scene. After gathering extensive work experience as a primary school teacher in Switzerland, she completed a Master of Arts in Irish Dance Studies at the University of Limerick in Ireland. Now applying her acquired skills from both educations she is interested in the documentation, preservation and transmission of dance heritage.

She is the founder of Scéalta Damhsa – a project created to collect and preserve oral dance history – and 'Let's Talk!' - a sub-project offering a monthly online discussion on dance related topics. She is convinced that, in order to understand your own (dance) practice better, a broad mind and interdisciplinary exchange with other people is necessary to be able to reflect properly on all layers involved in a particular context. She thus constantly seeks exchanges with like-minded people from other disciplines and gets involved in workshops and conferences whenever possible in order to develop further and push through her own boundaries. With her projects, she hopes to pass on this insight and to raise awareness and the appreciation for dance.