Inishowen Song Project

The Inishowen Song Project is an integrated microsite of some 2,000 connected items all related to the English-language song traditions of the Inishowen peninsula, Co Donegal. It is a collaborative project between the Inishowen Traditional Singers' Circle and the Irish Traditional Music Archive.

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The items include audio recordings & video recordings (organised both as playlists and as individual pieces), books, photographs, song-text transcriptions and catalogue records, and they constitute a unique presentation of a local strand of Irish traditional music.

The basis of the microsite is a body of recordings made in Inishowen over some 20 years from the 1980s by Donegal singer and teacher Jimmy McBride and kindly donated by him to the Irish Traditional Music Archive. Material has also come from singer Jim MacFarland of Derry, the Belfast Central Library, the Derry Journal, and Dr John Moulden, among other donors as acknowledged, and above all from the local Inishowen singers and singers visiting Inishowen who are featured in the project. Our thanks to them all. Digitisation, song transcription and metadata cataloguing has been carried out over months by ITMA staff.

This two-year project has been brought to fruition by the Inishowen Traditional Singers' Circle with funding provided by the Inishowen Development Partnership, to which ITMA is greatly indebted. ITMA itself is funded by An Chomhairle Ealaíon in Dublin and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland in Belfast. The site will serve people throughout the world who wish to discover and enjoy the song traditions of Inishowen, and especially Inishowen people themselves and their local teachers and students. New material of suitable quality will continue to be added to the site as it is found. The design and technology involved in the project will form a template for the future online presentation of other discrete traditions within Irish traditional music.

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