​'A Grand Time: The songs, music, and dance of Newfoundland’s Cape Shore

Featuring archival recordings, images, interviews and more, this digital exhibition bridges trans-Atlantic and multi-generational traditions.

Nlresize Road To Branch
Branch, The Cape Shore, Newfoundland,

More than 40 years ago, Irish-Canadian broadcaster Aigan O'Hara visited the Newfoundland Cape Shore area equipped with a reel-to-reel tape recorder. He forged friendships and made recordings that have endured a lifetime. 

Generously donated by Aidan to ITMA, these unique sound recordings have now been digitised and a selection form the key resource in our latest digital project  'A Grand Time'. The sound recordings have been supplemented with images, biographies, maps and research material to help us appreciate the rich musical landscape of the Cape Shore and the enduring cultural link between Newfoundland Ireland.