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Tin-Whistle Players, 2008–2014

Tin-Whistle Players, 2008–2014

As is amply proved by the excellent players on these video recordings from the collections of the Irish Traditional Music Archive, the tin whistle is a destination instrument in Irish traditional music, as well as being an entry-level stepping stone to other instruments such as the flute and uilleann pipes. It has a unique sound that can range from the plangent on slow airs to a crisp tightness on fast dance tunes, and it will always have its own space in the music. In recent years, experimental makers using a variety of materials have developed the instrument, and have transformed it from the cheap, beloved, but sometimes unreliable whistles available a generation ago.

The recordings were made by ITMA staff at a variety of venues over the period: the Willie Clancy Summer School in Co Clare, the Frankie Kennedy Winter School in Co Donegal, and the Scoil Shamhna Shéamuis Ennis in Co Dublin.

With thanks to the performers for permission to present their music here, and to the organisers of the three schools for facilitating ITMA staff in making the recordings.

NC, TH & PH, 1 August 2015