Fr Pádruig Breathnach, Sídh-cheól 1–2, 1924–1926

Sídh-cheól. 1–2 / An tAthair Pádruig Breathnach do bhailigh agus do chuir i n-eagar

Pádruig Breathnach began Sídh-Cheól, a substantial new hardback series, in 1924. The 77 songs of the first volume are all in Irish, with words and melodies presented in his usual standard method, but this series was written mainly in English and was accompanied by notes and an extensive vocabulary. Aimed at adult learners such as 'advanced Gaelic Leaguers', it also helped promote the Irish language in the new state. The songs were mostly new, in that they consisted of hard-to-find literary verses which had not previously been set to music. The second and final volume of the series, a straight continuation of the first and containing 78 songs, appeared in 1926.

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Sídh-cheól. Cuid a haon

Sídh-cheól. Cuid a dó