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Edward Bunting, A General Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland, 1809

A General Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland, Arranged for the Piano Forte; Some of the Most Admired Melodies are Adapted for the Voice, to Poetry Chiefly Translated from the Original Irish Songs, by Thomas Campbell Esq. and Other Eminent Poets: to Which is Prefixed a Historical & Critical Dissertation on the Egyptian, British and Irish Harp, by Edward Bunting. Vol. 1st. Price £1.6.0. London, Printed & Sold for the Editor by Clementi & Compy. No. 26 Cheapside, and All Other Music Sellers in the United Kingdom.

In 1809, some twelve years after his first published volume of ‘ancient’ Irish music appeared, Edward Bunting published a second similar volume harmonised for the piano, again in London. Of the 77 melodies in this second collection, 13 are repeated from the 1797 collection.

A facsimile of this edition, with contextual notes, is available here.

NC, MG, SC, TH & JS, 12 November 2015

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