Martin Hayes

Catherine Mc Evoy

Flute player Catherine McEvoy was raised in Bermingham of Roscommon parents. Returning to Ireland in the 1970s, she soon came to prominence as one of the ground-breaking female flute players of her generation. In this in-depth interview with ITMA Director Liam O'Connor, the TG4 Gradam Ceoil Musician of the Year 2019, shares tunes and insights into a lifetime of playing, recording and teaching.

The long-format Q&A style interviews, with performance and illustrative archival recordings, expand our understanding of these artists by exploring their influences and by seeking out their personal philosophies as traditional artists.

The fortnightly series premiered with Christy Moore in conversation with ITMA Director Liam O'Connor, and can be freely viewed on the ITMA YouTube Channel and on Facebook. The series continues each fortnight with: Catherine McEvoy, Frankie Gavin, Sarah Ghriallais, Matt Molloy, Dolly McMahon, and Paddy Moloney (1938-2021).

SAOITHE is an extension of ITMA’s online archival series Drawing from the Well which is available to watch here:

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