Weeping willow, song

Willie Gill, singing in English
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Down by yon weeping willow where flowers gently grow
There lies a fair young maiden tall silent in her doom.

She died not broken-hearted no sickness caused her pain
It was a jealous lover that caused her life in maim.

One night in late September young William to Alice did say
Come let’s have a walk together and talk of our wedding day.

They walked along together in a quiet and peaceful way
Until they came to a forest where lovely Alice did say.

This spot is dark and weary and I’m afraid to roam
My feet they’re tired and dreary and I want to find my way home.

Oh Alice lovely Alice from this spot you never shall roam
For at this very moment oh Alice you must die.

Down on her knees for mercy oh William spare my life
And deep into her bosom he plunged that fatal knife.

This young lads name was William yes William was his name
He was hanged for the murder of Alice lovely Alice who he did slay.