The Urrismanagh road, song

Joe McCarron, singing in English
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Take a trip to Urrismanagh while the roads are in repair
The county council’s doing the job and a big gang working there
The working men get five bob and the carters they get ten
And to keep the job going on you know we have plenty of ganger men.

We have Tony up from Annagh a man you all know well
Owen Roddy from the mountains why he’s out I cannot tell
Charlie Gil from Crossconnell and Anton Philip too
And they all walk up and down the road just telling us what to do.

Old McFadden’s on the roller and he moves along so slow
He says ‘The job is done so bad it’s sure all bound to go
But the merchant tells him he’s on right solid ground
And get on top of the great big stones and try and roll them down.

McEleney says the job’s behind Owen is at his ease
Charles Gill’s in the quarry sure he’s not hard to please
For they move along as best they can trying to keep the thing in gear
And before they find just right behind comes the engineer.

Now this engineer is a smart young man his face is round and small
But the great big coat and boots he wears makes him look so tall
And when the surveyor Doherty it’s not often he comes around
And everyman with tools in hand goes bending up and down.

Oh that’s the way from day to day the job goes on you know
Big McDaid the engine man keeps the crusher on the go
And if he marries the grand Clonmany lass she’ll be in rich in every degree
With a great new road from Urris Chapel up to Leenan Quay.

But my four weeks are finished and I bid you all goodbye
I hope we’ll meet again some day if it’s just before we die
I’ll talk about the crusher and the roller and the gangerman and all
And about the county council that we have in Donegal.

Many thanks to Mary Hagan for she made the tea
And gave us shelter in the house on every rainy day
And also Barney Harkin to him we can’t say nought atall
Because they were so kind to us when on them we did call.

So goodbye and God be with you I hope we won’t have to pay
The heavy cost of this new road we’re making up today
Well write to the commissioners we’ll what they have to say
And God will judge us and the ganger men upon the judgement day.