The Urris drowning tragedy, song

Dan McGonigle, singing in English
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Come all you gallant seamen bold that plough the raging sea
I hope you pay attention and listen unto me
Concerning those young Urris boys that lately sailed away
All for the herring fishing into Lough Swilly Bay.

Being on the ninth of January right well I mind the day
Four boats of them together set sail from Leenan Bay
The night being dark and dismal no dangers did they fear
Until the eleventh hour those storms did appear.

Then four abreast they cast their nets some herring for to find
In hopes they'd soon be back again with those they left behind
But the wind increased the storm arose as you may understand
Two of those boats they made their way for the Fanad land.

The third she being well manned no dangers did they fear
And taking themselves for clever men it's for Dunaff did steer
But providence to them proved kind as he oft times did before
And he brought them from all dangers safe back to Leenan shore.

But the fourth they left behind them as deep we do deplore
They left young wives and families they never will see more
To God on high who rules the sky it's for their souls do pray
For he sent their bodies sinking deep into Lough Swilly Bay.

Sure five of them were married men leaves orphans twenty three
'Twas in the port that evening these men did sport and play
'Twas in the port that evening these men did sport and play
Not thinking they'd be drowned all in Lough Swilly Bay.

There was James Michael Paddy Boyle Hugh Diver and Alfie too
Five more of them I'll mention and their names I'll tell to you
There was Jack and Michael Friel and of the Cannys three
Their loss if greatly felt for throughout this country.

Here's a health to Mr Doherty and long that he may reign
To the Reverend James Maguire that his name may rise to fame
He rose a grand collection as plain as yous may see
He rose a grand collection throughout this country.

Now to conclude and finish I have no more to say
But these were as gallant seamen bold as ever crossed the bay
They were taken in their prime of life as I hear the people say
So I beg of all kind Christians for the Urris boys to pray.

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