Treat my daughter kindly, song

Corney McDaid, singing in English
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There once was a farmer a good old soul was he
I used to work upon his farm down in this country
He had one only daughter on her I cast an eye
And when I asked him for her hand these words he did reply

Treat my daughter kindly and shade her from all harm
Before I die I’ll will to you my little house and farm
My horse my dog my cow and my bonny sheep and barn
And all the little chickens in the garden

She loved me so dearly I just loved her the same
When my day’s work was over with her I would remain
To watch her milk her father’s cow and shade her from all harm
And many’s the pink of milk I drank before I left the farm

It’s now that we are married and settled down for life
I oft‘ times think of her old man and all his good advice
To treat his daughter kindly and shade her from all harm
And now I am the owner of this little house and farm