The smashing of the van, song

Maggie Magee, singing in English
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It was on the twenty fourth of May nineteen and twenty one
When the news rang out from Glasgow of a daring deed being done
It’s of a band of heroes to release an Irishman
They assembled in the High Street for to smash the prison van.

Here’s to them who done it to Erin’s Isle they’re true
For each man who played a part that day was Irish through and through
Side by side they stood there revolvers in their hand
Ten gallant Irish rebels at the smashing of the van.

The clever Glasgow police were quickly on the scene
And arrested every Irish man connected with Sinn Fein
They arrested Father McRory a mere clergyman
But they only showed their ignorance at the smashing of the van.

The trial now is over the crown case it has failed
Although they tried very best to send those men to jail
Defended by the counsellors McKane and Sandyman
Sure the verdict was Not Guilty for the smashing of the van.