She tickled me, song

Jimmy Grant, singing in English
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One evening so fine to a picnic I did go ‘twas down to a village in Kent
And I’m very well pleased to inform you so what a jolly good night there I spent
I was introduced to a Molly so fair as fine a wee moll as you’ve seen
For her eyes they are dark blue and her hair a golden hue and her age it was scarce seventeen.

I asked this young Molly what time she hung out or what time she was going away
Says I my wee beauty will I see you home she answered me yes sir you may
So I gently slipped her small arm through mine and then going down the dark lane
And we stopped ‘neath the shade of a bonnie green tree because it began for to rain.

She tickled me and I tickled her not for a moment could I let her be
But blushing she said be quiet kind sir and she tickled me and I tickled her.

I spooned with this Moll for twelve months or more till she didn’t like single life
Then we went to the clergy one day as you know he wed us both one man and wife
When dinner was over and all things was right and just as the word had been said
We had a few games of card dice and chess and we both toddled off into bed.