The sailor boy, song

Sadie McGonigle, singing in English
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‘Twas a cold and stormy winter’s night the snow lay on the ground
A sailor boy stood on the quay his ship was outward bound
His true love stood beside him shed many a bitter tear
And as he clasped her in his arms he whispered in her ear.

Farewell farewell my own true love this parting gives me pain
You’ll be my hope my guiding star till I return again
My thoughts will be on you my love when the storms are raging high
Good-bye my love remember me your faithful sailor boy.

‘Twas in the gale the ship set sail the lass was standing by
She watched the vessel out of sight as the tears rolled in her eye
For him she prayed to heaved above to guide him on his way
And the parting words of her true-love re-echoed in the bay.

‘Twas hard to see the ship return without that sailor boy
For he died at sea while on his way when the flag was half-mast high
His comrades came on shore and told her that he was dead
A letter did inform and this is what it said.