Sailing to Americay, song

Denis McDaid, singing in English
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You brave Irish people wherever you be
Please stand a moment and listen to me
For your sons and brave daughters are now going away
In their thousands they are sailing to Americay

Good luck to yous boys and savin' the land
They are pushing their way to a far distant land
For it's here in old Ireland no longer they'll stay
For thousands are sailing to Americay

The night before leavin' they're bidding goodbye
And it's early next morning their hearts give a sigh
Sure they kiss their old mothers and then they will say
Goodbye father dear sure we're now going away

Their friends and relations and neighbours also
Packing their trunks just ready to go
When tears from their eyes fall down like the rain
And the horses are prancing going off to the train

Then you will hear their very last cry
Handkerchiefs waving and bidding goodbye
The old men tell them to be sure and write
And they watch the train till it goes out of sight

God help the mother that rears up a child
Likewise the father that labours and toils
Sure he tries to support them, he works day and night
And when they are reared they are away out of sight