The road to Dundee, song

Theresa Robinson, singing in English
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Cold winter was howling o’er muir and o’er mountain
And wild was the surge o’er the dark rolling sea
When just about daybreak I spied a young lassie
Who asked me the road and the miles to Dundee.

Said I my wee lassie I canna weel tell you
The road or the distance I canna weel gie
But if you permit me to gang a wee bittie
I’ll show you the road and the miles to Dundee.

To that she consented she gave me her arm
Not a word did I speir wha this lassie micht be
She appeared like a vision in feature and form
As she walked by my side on the road to Dundee.

She took the gowd pin that she wore at her bosom
Said she take you this in remembrance of me
So bravely I bent and I kissed her sweet lips
Ere I parted with her on the road to Dundee.

So here’s to that lassie I’ll never forget her
And ilka young laddie whose listening to me
Oh ne’re be afraid to convoy a young lassie
Though it’s only to show her the road to Dundee.

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