Postman Pa ; and other airs

Gráinne Brady ; Tina Jordan Rees ; Paul McClure
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Gráinne Brady, fiddle, Ireland, & Tina Jordan Rees, piano, flute, tin whistle, England, High spirits, Brady & Jordan Rees GTR001, 2015. CD & digital download

Track 4: Postman Pa, polka / composed by Tina Jordan Rees ; The potter's wheel, polka / composed by Gráinne Brady ; The cat's mother, polka / composed by Tina Jordan Rees

‘’Postman Pa’ is Tina’s dad who works for Royal Mail. ‘The potter’s wheel’ belongs to Steph Baxter, a mad potter. ‘The cat’s mother’ is after the saying ‘Who’s she? The cat’s mother?’’ (from CD liner notes)