Peace in Erin, song

Gerry O’Hanlon
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Were all mankind disposed like me
To live in peace and unity
No more contention there would be
Among the sons of Erin

Originally we are sprung
From father Adam old and young
These words should flow from every tongue
We will cherish peace in Erin

If we’re formed by one Deity
To worship him let’s all agree
And live in peace and unity
With every class in Erin

On Sundays if our paths do lie
To Clough or to the Glens close by
This should not weaken friendship’s ties
Among the sons of Erin

What shore can boast so pure an air
Or sons more brave or girls more fair
Or who were e’er esteemed in war
Before the sons of Erin

Far far abroad their courage known
In the field of Mars their glory shone
Now let us cultivate at home
The laws of peace in Erin

Would freedom fair and commerce smile
Upon my dear my native isle
Not Egypt with its flowing Nile
Could equal thee sweet Erin

Kind silver lakes and gushing springs
And verdant groves where music rings
Now peace with healing in her wings
Will bless this land of Erin

It’s principle that shows the man
This is the best the only plan
And it’s one that I have built upon
When passing through old Erin

So let us at this present day
Drive prejudice and spleen away
Far far beyond the Atlantic Sea
And we’ll all shake hands in Erin