Pat O’Donnell, song

James Barron, singing in English
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My name is Pat O’Donnell I was born in Donegal
I am you know a deadly foe to traitors one and all
For the shooting of James Carey I was tried and guilty found
And now upon the scaffold high my life I must lay down.

I sailed on board the ship Melrose in August ’83
James Carey was on board the ship but still unknown to me
When I found out he was James Carey we had angry words and blows
The villain swore my life to take on board the ship Melrose.

I stood a while in self defence to fight before I’d die
My loaded pistol I pulled out at Carey I let fly
I gave to him a second one which pierced him through the heart
I let him have a third volley before he did depart.

Then Mrs Carey came running up to the cabin where he lay
O’Donnell you shot my husband Mrs Carey she did say
O’Donnell you shot my husband Mrs Carey loud did cry
I only stood in self defence kind madame answered I.

The captain had me handcuffed and in strong irons bound
He gave me up as prisoner when we landed in Capetown
They turned me back to London my trial for to stand
And the prosecutors for the crown were Carey’s wife and son.

To all the evidence they swore I said it was a lie
The jury found me guilty and the judge he did reply
You’ll never more see Erin’s shore O’Donnell you must die
On the 17th of December upon the scaffold high.

If I had been a free man could live another year
All traitors and informers I would make them shake with fear
Saint Patrick drove the serpents from the our holy sainted land
I’d make them run before me like the hare before the hound.

Farewell to dark old Donegal the place where I was born
And likewise to the United States which ne’er was known for scorn
And twice farewell to old Gráinne Mhaol with her fields and valleys green
For never more around Erin’s shore Pat O’Donnell will be seen.

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