Over the mountain, song

Packie Manus Byrne, singing in English
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One night as the moon luminated the sky
I just took a notion I’d marry
I put on my hat and away I did fly
I was in a bit of a hurry
Now I came to a dwelling where often I’d been
My heart fairly jumped when my charmer I seen
I lifted the latch and I said Rosaleen
Will you come with me over the mountain.

Ah what is this notion has got into your head
Oh it’s glad that I am to be near ye
It's past twelve o'clock and I should be in bed
Speak low my mammy will hear ye
Ah Rosie allanah I love you it’s true
We have courted twelve years and I think that should do
And before I do sleep I'll be married to you
If you'll come with me over the mountain.

Well she said it’s at home I’ve decided to stay
for I think it’s safer and better
So fare thee well darling I now am away
and that puts an end to the matter
Oh stop stop for a moment ‘til I get my shoes
My heart jumped again when I heard the good news
She ran through the door saying there’s no time to lose
If you’ll come with me over the mountain.

By this time the moon it was sinking quite low
And the morning star brightly was shining
We arrived at the chapel in Ballinasloe
And were married by big father Tynan
In peace and contentment we spend each long day
Since the angers of marriage are all blown away
And it's often we talk when we've nothing to say
Of the night we came over the mountain.