The old home, song

Pat Mulhern, singing in English
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…and it stand in the square
For ninety or more years that cottage stood there
It’s surrounded with trees and a fence
It’s the home of my forefathers there I was born.

Nor our little family that dwelt in the cot
Father and mother brother and sister and I
'Til a sickness came o’er us and father did die.

Brother left home to find something to do
And where he did go no one here ever knew
I toiled late and early to keep down the dead
An orphan as he might…

Misfortune came o’er us and soon it did tell
The sheriff came in now our home for to sell
My sister did weep my mother did moan
They begged him in vain would he please spare our home

Spare the old home will you spare it I pray
Don’t put out my mother so feeble and grey
And my one loving sister so sickly and frail
Auctioneer auctioneer will you please stop the sale.

Pleading was given but of no avail
The auctioneer continued to push on the sale
The very best bidder ‘twas a man quite unknown
His money he spent and he purchased our home.

Mother and sister with heart sad and sore
Prepared for to part from their old cottage door
The stranger turned round…
I return you your home I’m your long lost son.

Glad and rejoicing were they all that day
Brother embraced my dear mother so grey
With a welcome for me and my sister so frail
And that put an end to the sad sale.