November Keady Fair, song

Michael Devlin (Mack), singing in English
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Come all good folk attention pay while these few lines I pen
And when I have concluded sure I hope I won’t offend
‘Twas on the fourteenth of the month, a beefer I had to spare
And I drove her down that morning to November Keady Fair

Along the road me and my goat so joyfully did steer
That the ladies had to step aside believe me boys with fear
Her horns were both sharp and long for battle she did prepare
As we drove at the rate of a wedding to November Keady Fair

When I landed in the market place I mean the old Church Hill
There were lots of horny cattle there and believe me they all stood still
‘Twas there I met a decent man I offered up a prayer
And I sold my nanny for half a crown in November Keady Fair


As I went walking down the street I met a decent man
He’s the head pickpocket of Keady and they call him Andy McCann
He keeps a decent lodging house with heads and pints so rare
He keeps single men and women on November Keady Fair


Sure she gives a pint and a half of milk upon a summer’s day
But at the present time she would hardly cream your tae
They say she missed the bachelor but that I wouldn’t swear
She was ninteen times at the neighbour’s buck I really do declare


Sure I’ll miss her from around the house when she used to wag her tail
And I’ll miss her ‘round the garden where she used to nip the kale
And I’ll miss her from the old fireside for many’s a row was there
Before I parted with my old nanny at November Keady Fair

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