The next market day, song

John McDaid, singing in English
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A maid went to Comber her markets to learn 
To sell for her mammy three hanks of yarn 
She met with a young lad all on the highway 
Which caused this young damsel to dally and stay.

Oh come sit down beside me  I’ll do you no harm 
Come sit down beside me  my new song to learn 
Here is three guineas your mammy to pay 
And leave by your yarn till the next market day.

She sat down beside me  the grass it was green 
Her face was the fairest that ever you seen 
The light in her eyes would lead angels astray 
I could sit by her side till the next market day.

This maid she went home  she went to her bed 
The words of the new song still rang in her head 
I’ll search till I find him by land or by sea 
Till I learn the new song called the next market day.