My mother’s last goodbye, song

Neilie Hirrell, singing in English
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When I was but a youngster bold sure I thought I’d like to roam
Like many’s another foolish lad I had no thoughts of home
Those kind old friends around me thought so much of me
And I left my dear old homestead and I went away to sea

My father as we parted said my lad where e’er you roam
Let no false pride let you forget the loving ones at home
My mother she could hardly speak the day I went away
She threw her arms around my neck and this to me did say

Oh may God be with you darling son wherever you may roam
Let no false pride make you forget the loving ones at home
Goodbye God bless you darling son so sadly she did cry
And while I have life I’ll ne’er forget my mother’s last goodbye

I landed but alas too late my parents they were dead
My gold it had no charm for me since all my joys had fled
I long to see that old home in a bright land far away
And often in my dreams I hear my good old mother say


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