Mow the meadow down, song

Paddy McCallion, singing in English
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Oh as I roved in through Derry town on the fourteenth day of May
I met a County Derry girl she asking me my trade
I have an occupation and I wander up the town
With my good scythe in order to mow your meadows down.

Well if you be a mower as I take you to be
Put your good scythe in order and come along with me
Sure I have a little meadow a long time kept in store
And upon you true I'll tell you true it never was cut before.

Said I my County Derry girl what wages will you pay
I will give you a crown and acre and plenty of strong beer
Said I my County Derry girl I like your wages well.

Like a lion aye undented I entered in her field
I said that I would mow her meadow before that I would yield
I rocked from six to breakfast time three hours beyond most skill
I was forced to yield and leave the field and the grass was growing still.

She put her hand into her pocket and she paid me down a crown
And the next time you come around this road enquire for Betsy Brown
Sure it's down in my small meadow you will not find stone or rock
And the next time you come round this road the cradle you will rock.