Moorlough Mary, song

Jim MacFarland, singing in English
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The very first time I met my Moorlough Mary
Was in the market of sweet Strabane
Her smiling countenance was so engaging
The hearts of young men she did trepan
Her killing glances bereft my senses
Of peace and comfort both night and day
In my silent slumber I start with wonder
Oh Moorlough Mary won’t you come away.

To see this darling on a summer’s morning
When Flora’s fragrance bedecks the land
Her neat deportment and manners courteous
Around her sporting that lamb and fawn
On you I ponder where e’er I wander
And still grow fonder sweet maid of thee
By thy matchless charms I am enamoured
Oh Moorlough Mary won’t you come away.

On Moorlough’s banks I will ever wander
Where the heifers graze on the pleasant soil
Where the lambkins sporting, fair maids resorting
The timorous hare and the blue heather bell
I will press my cheese while my wool’s a-teasing
My ewes I’ll milk at the peep of day
When the whirling moorcocks and larks alarm me
From Mourlough’s banks I will never stray.

Were I a man of great education
And Ireland’s nation at my command
I would lay my hand on her snowy shoulder
And in wedlocks portion I would take her hand
I would entertain her both night and morning
With robes I’d deck her both bright and gay
With jewels rare love I would adorn her
Oh Moorlough Mary won’t you come away.