The Manchester martyrs, song

Denis McDaid and Jimmy Houten, singing in English
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It being in September I well remember
Three noble heroes from Manchester came
Was their intention I now will mention
To free old Ireland from a tyrant chain

They police viewed them as if they knew them
And to them pursue them they did not fail
So they did surround them and hand cuffed bound them
And marched them prisoners to the county jail

When Allen heard of those men being taken
To Brian and Larkin they quickly flew
Saying Colonel Kelly my heart’s breaking
Saying noble heroes what shall we do

We’ll go together like one another
Like loyal brothers we will agree
Let every man go up to the van boys
And smash it open and set them free

Whilst no kind friends who had followed after
These men were taken as yous may see
By a judge and jury they were all found guilty
And they died three martyrs for our country

‘Twas sad upon that fatal morning
The friends assembled and bid farewell
The organ played and the choir chanted
And they all joined chorus in a prison cell

The clock struck eight as their friends departed
The wicked Colonel did soon appear
They kissed each others like loyal brothers
They knew their time it was drawing near

When on the scaffold they looked around them
Not a son of Erin was to be seen
For miles around them they came in thousands
To see these heroes die for the green

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