Madgie Strain from Downings, song

Margaret McEleney, singing in English
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You loyal lovers I pray draw near
I courted fair maids as you shall hear
Until I came to the Downings Town
Where I fell in love with a pretty maid.

I met this fair maid upon the strand
Her eyes like diamonds in her head did stand
Her cheeks like roses her skin like snow
Her yellow hair o'er her shoulders grows.

I asked this fair maid what was her name
And of her dwelling I asked the same
It's in the history it is wrote down
I'm one Madgie Strain from Downings Town.

Oh Madgie Madgie if you marry me
Or do consent my sweet bride to be
A lady's life I will give to thee
Oh Madgie Madgie if you marry me.

It all fared well to the harvest time
When all the sailors were coming home
She took great courage for to go to sea
And leave her parents in grief behind.

Her father followed after with an armed band
Overseas and land overseas and land
Willing to fight with the sword in hand
And bring back Madgie to the Downings Strand.

I sailed on seas and I walked on land
Through Dublin city and seaports grand
My darling's equal I ne'er could find
Since I lost my Madgie from the Downings Strand.