The Lurgy stream, song

Charlie McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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When to this country first I came my life from love was free
To the beauty of a female fair that so enticed me
To the beauty of a lovely one that set my heart aflame
Her brown hair waving in the air most charming to be seen.

‘Twas on a Sunday evening when first my love I did meet
I took her in my arms and I gave her kisses sweet
I asked her if she would marry me or single still remain
Or if she would cross the seas with me and leave sweet Lurgy Stream.

I said my pretty fair maid if you come along with me
You’ll find me always faithful and ever kind and true
I’m bound for North America and you won’t see me again
My heart will break when I have to part with you and sweet Lurgy Stream.

She said young man be easy and no more of this foolish talk
It was for recreation that I came here to walk
Kind Cupid’s dart never pierced my heart and set it in a flame
I am free from love and I’ll always be along sweet Lurgy Stream.

If I were to go away with you my parents would me disown
Besides kind sir I am too young I would get lots of blame
And if unfaithful you would prove full sore would I complain
The day that I foresook my friends along sweet Lurgy Stream.

My lover’s cheeks are like the rose that blooms in early June
Her teeth are like the ivory bright and her breath a sweet perfume
Her slender waist and snow-white breast have set my heart aflame
And her place of habitation lies near to sweet Lurgy Stream.

The sun may rise to rule the day and be extinguished quite
When Luna with her silvery beams no more shall rule the night
The twinkling stars they down may fall and ne’er be seen again
The day that I’ll prove false to you when far from Lurgy Stream.

Farewell to Letterkenny town that place of noted fame
Likewise to Kilmacrenan too that lies near Lurgy Stream
And twice farewell to Errigal likewise Lough Swilly Shore
‘Twas there I spent some happy days will I ever see them more.

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