Lough Sheelin’s Side, song

Bernard McEleney (Conn), singing in English
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Farewell old Ireland a long farewell
My ship is ready no tongues can tell
For I must leave o’er the ocean wide
From my cottage home in Lough Sheelin Side

It was at the dance on the village green
I met young Eileen my own colleen
I took young Eileen my fond young bride
To my cottage home in Lough Sheelin Side

But our good dreams were too good to last
The landlord came our home to blast
And he no mercy on us did show
As he turned us out in the blinding snow

Will no one opened to us their door
In case that vengeance on them might fall
‘Twas there she fainted ‘twas there she died
As the snow fell fast on Lough Sheelin Side

So farewell to Ireland and Eileen too
My ship is ready I bid adieu
For I must go o’er the ocean wide
From my true love’s grave in Lough Sheelin Side

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