Lonely Banna strand, song

Frankie Nash, singing in English
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Lonely Banna strand, song (Being on a Friday morning all in the month of May ...)

This song tells the story of an incident that took place in the lead-up to Ireland’s 1916 Easter Rising. Sir Roger David Casement (1864–1916) attempted to gain German support for a rebellion against British rule. Due to a series of mishaps, the Irish rebels never received the arms that the Germans attempted to supply. Casement was arrested, tried for treason, and executed for his part in the plot. 

Aidan O’Hara speculates that Frankie Nash probably learned this song from a Newfoundlander who served alongside an Irishman with nationalist sympathies at the end of the First World War. Many Newfoundlanders served in the British forces.


Curator's note: This track was edited before being added to the digital library. The opening of the song was clipped, but the singer re-started his performance after first singing the song through. This retake was spliced onto the beginning of the track.