The little thatched cabin, song

Michael McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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Right well I remember that little thatched cabin
Where I first saw the light on a bright harvest morn
Sure it stands on a hill in the view of a valley
Aye and on it that same roof where my mother was born

Sure I care not a farthing through life I may wonder
Or I care not a farthing for palace or hall
No home is so dear to me as the old home
That little thatched cabin the best home of them all

When I grew to manhood and I started life’s journey
Still hoping my fortune would rise and not fall
Sure there’s one thing I learned and I never will forget it
That little thatched cabin the best home of them all

Sure I ploughed in yon fields I mowed hay in the meadow
I cut turf in the bog on a long summer’s day
When the lark in the heavens her sweet notes were charming
Sure they seemed to drive sorrows and all cares away

At a dance or a fair you would meet those young colleens
How are you Barney they would say with a smile
You can travel the whole world and not find the equal
Of the sons and fair daughters of green Erin’s isle

Well it’s now I’ve grown old and hard fortunes came o’er me
When I look back with this feeling of pain
Sure I’d give the whole world aye and all it possesses
If I only got back to my boyhood again

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