Little Charlie Cassidy, recitation

James Noone, speech in English
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Little Charlie Cassidy was just gone sixty-four
When his mother said to him you’re a grown boy now a stoir

It’s time you settled down she says you’re in the prime of life
So off you go my brave young man and find yourself a wife

Now Charlie had a roving eye and fancied quite a few
But fancying and marrying were not the same he knew

He knew he’d have his mother’s farm someday and all her lovely cows
So he’d have to be particular about his wedding vows

Little Maggie Donegan who was quite a pretty dish
But he couldn’t marry the daughter of a man who peddled fish

There was Bridget Anne O’Reilly who was admired far and near
But her father was an idler and a villain for the beer

The wife of Charlie Cassidy would have to stake her claim
She’d have to be respectable with something to her name

So Charlie shaved and shirted and brushed his baldy plate
And went down to ask Tom Mulligan for his daughter Mary Kate

She took one look at him and turned away for Mary Kate was plain
But when he saw her father’s farm he looked at her again

Ned Rogan was a wealthy man as rough as Charlie knew
Still he had seven daughters the youngest forty-two

Charlie went hopefully at last he thought he had a chance
But all he got was a ten-yard start with a gunshot on his pants

The undertaker Mister Green had a daughter Julie May
So Charlie called upon the girl with flowers one fine day

I’m not of your church said she and turn said she right there
And turn he did that morn with a gun dog at his rear

There’s a happy ending to my story all the same
A widower found a wife at last someone to take his name

He’s married yesterday to the widow McAlinden who’s fifty fat and grim
Charlie didn’t fancy her but she fancied him

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