The Lisburn lass, song

Michael McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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Young boys and girls where e’er you be
Come pay attention unto me
For in these few lines I have penned down
And it’s all in praise of Lisburn town

Well it happened to be in the harvest year
As I roved out sure the day it being clear
And while coming home these words I said
I am deep in love with the Lisburn belle

She is handsome tall and quite complete
Like some Wexford girl from head to feet
Sure my heart it does rend when I see her pass
For I’m deep in love with the Lisburn lass

Oh Willy dear this maid did say
What has tempted you to go away
I will leave my parents of high renown
And I’ll go with you from Lisburn town

Well if ever I pass this way again
By night or day pretty fair maid
I will get a pass of high renown
And I’ll go with you from Lisburn town

So it’s off to India I had to go
For to fight and face the foe
Not knowing when a ball it would cut me down
And I’d leave my love in Lisburn town

So it’s farewell father and mother too
Likewise my darling I bid adieu
Sure these cruel foes they have cut me down
So farewell love and Lisburn town