The jolly ploughboy, song

Margaret McEleney, singing in English
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There was a ploughboy was whistling with his plough
He and his horses beneath a green shade
He whistled and he sang as his plough she gaed alang
His intention was to meet a pretty maid handsome maid

He ended his song as his plough she gaed alang
Saying this fair maid’s far above my degree
If her parents got to know she was courted on the lea
He would send him to the war to be slain to be slain

When her old father knew she was courted on the plain
He vowed he would send him far o’er the sea
A press gang then arose and he sent my love on board
And he sent him to the war to be slain to be slain

She dressed herself up in a suit of men’s clothes
Her pockets well lined with bright shining gold
As she walked up the street with her two rosy cheeks
She acted as a brave sailor bold sailor bold

The first one she met was the captain of the ship
And unto him she told all her woe
Saying they robbed me of my joy and my jolly ploughboy
And they sent him to the war to be slain to be slain

She pulled out a purse of the bright shining gold
Here’s fifty guineas aye and more aye and more
And she freely laid it down for the lad she adored
And she got the young man she adored she adored

How happy are these lovers when they do meet
Their troubles and their sorrows are all o’er are all o’er
When this maid begins to sing sure she makes the joy bells ring
And she rolled him in her arms to the shore to the shore